Builtform Design was created by Peter Lea, Designer & one of the Directors of Tectonics Building Design in Margaret River. Principally a designer of ‘one off’ quality framed homes, Peter has identified a need for a range of standard designs and pricing format. Currently there are very few builders in WA offering a range of home designs specifically designed for quality framed construction.

Serving Margaret River & Surrounding Areas of Western Australia

Our BUILDING Standards

When we build a house, we don’t just do the bare minimum. We make practical adjustments to keep your home functional and efficient.

The Builtform construction specification includes timber studwork at 450 centres, not the minimum 600 centres often used in minimally Engineered homes.

All roofs have Anticon insulation to the underside of the roof cover plus R3 bulk insulation to all ceilings. All internal & external walls are insulated providing a level of insulation beyond the minimum requirement.

Solid blocking is installed within walls at door handle contact points, fittings & cabinetwork locations such as towel rails, clothes dryer locations, etc.

Many more significant construction elements beyond what would be considered ‘the minimum requirement’ are included to create a sturdy & comfortable home, just ask your Builder.

Our LIVING Standards

We design homes, not just houses. Livable is practical. Practical is comfortable.


Builtform homes are designed with LIFE in mind. That’s why all of our layouts are practical yet comfortable, in every way. Each design incorporates elements like:

  • A functional Kitchen layout allowing people to access the refrigerator and pantry without going through the ‘working zone’.
  • A BBQ area under the main roof. This is Australia and we spend a lot of time outside. This space is just as important as your Family room.
  • Uninterrupted access to the BBQ area from the kitchen without having to navigate your way through furniture.
  • Easy navigation to the WC from the main Living areas without going past bedroom doors where children may be sleeping.
  • Furnishable bedrooms without bedheads adjacent to noise sources, flushing toilets, etc. in adjacent rooms.
  • At least 2 of the children’s bedroom are of a size and shape to comfortably accommodate a queen size bed.
  • Wardrobes opening in to access areas rather than opening on to the bed.
  • Enhanced privacy between bedrooms created by thoughtful location of wardrobes, linen cupboards, etc.
  • Window sill heights allowing a room to be furnished.
  • Modular material sizes to internal spaces and overall sizes mean less material goes in the bin during construction. Consideration of such dimensions will also result in savings for the homeowner when purchasing floor coverings and window treatments.


To help you manage energy costs and run a more efficient home, all of our designs are fully insulated, including internal & external walls, the underside of the roof, and all ceilings.

Ideal orientation and site position is noted on each design however if this is not entirely achievable, design advice and necessary changes will be provided prior to final costings or signing of contracts.

All designs will conform with the National Construction Code Energy Efficiency requirements.


We price our designs a little differently than most by including more of the practical elements and leaving less to the imagination. Still, all house prices quoted are what is considered a ‘starting price’ but things like SITEWORKS & ENGINEERING ARE INCLUDED. Our prices are based on constructing the home on a flat site with a soil type considered common in your local area, so there might be some adjustments.

Stormwater connections will be determined following receipt of specific site detail and may vary depending on soil types, local infrastructure, and subdivision requirements.